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Tuesday, June 27, 2006
icad speaks @4:15:00 PM

It has been 8 days since the UN results were officially announced and it took me that long to ponder on the same old idea: Is the UN really effective?
And my conclusion has never changed until this very moment. It is NOT effective, period!

I have some schoolmates who didnt pass the test, though I dont really know them, just by name, I honestly feel sympathy for those guys. The thing is that, they're just the victims of the educational system in this nation. I couldn't make the point of what was on their (government) minds? Was it just the thought of being provoked by how our country lacks in its human resources? Or was it all just a gimmick, a bench mark to brag about?? I really can't find the answer.

What kind of government would make their own descents, their own future generation, some pre-occupational lab rats?

Ok, maybe I need to elaborate more on the reasons of why UN is highly uneffective in lieu of rambling.

- First, most of the students who didnt pass are fairly clever by the mean that they deserve to graduate according to the average marks they have achieved within the past three years. Maybe some of them are not really special, just another kid having 6 or 5 or 7 for their math exams, but hey, it happens to all of us too, doesn't it!?

- Second, the UN results are mostly NOT original, not genuine. Many students who used to slack around and are fairly less clever than the ones who failed, eventually passed the UN. Now, I personally feel so ashamed of the fact that I passed the UN and otherwise, many smarter students than I am didnt.

- Third, most of the Top 10s in many schools are just some lucky ones, OR the "luckily didnt get caught while sms-ing, cheating on the test" students. What a silly compensation of this tomfoolery: they get something they dont deserve.

- The last one is the most important one. It is unfair, the marks, they cant judge us on how well we do in school! They can't judge us even on how we are supposed to be called 'smart', 'cause the evidence is that obviously it is dysfunctional.

There are many reasons I can tell but it will take too long! It is just a peripheral thought of my center idea. So there are alot to say actually.

I can only hope that our government would consider this policy again, so they wouldnt repeat the same mistake for next year.


Thursday, June 15, 2006
icad speaks @7:21:00 AM

Dear God...
I'm just one of those mere mortals
Not the pious ones
Not the reverent ones for your prowess
I'm just that fledgeling new to a flight
Not the indomitable one
Not the courageous one
Just the apprehended one full of engulfing angst
For You know everything
That I'm laden with the weight of the world
That I'm aloof from where I used to reach for You
That I'm forlorn now
For You forbear anything
For You transcend anything
For You, The One appreciates the steadfast love


Wednesday, June 14, 2006
icad speaks @6:24:00 PM

It's been too long, way too long since i last updated my blog, the thing is my indolence. I was I guess too lazy to even write such a posting.

Anyway, my life's been pretty much same ol' same ol' because I'm still in the time of preparing for SPMB. Eventhough right now I'm getting to the point where I get so bored and loathed, not fed up, just bored. Bored of doing the same routinity every single day this past few weeks. Going to my course's enhancement period thingy for this SPMB, then go back home or hang out with some friends usually just chit-chatting during our lunch.

Oh well, Ive been dreaming of going to the beaches in Phuket or Lombok on holiday. They look pretty on the pamphlets and TV. But mostly I envy my mom who is now in Canada, because it's summer there!! Though summer in Canada is not far different than the average temperature in Bandung. LOL.

I'm waiting for her to return since I've ordered some books by Carol Shields and Alice Munro from her and also, The Toronto Maple Leaf Jacket!! (Yes, it's that awesome hockey team). Gosh, I wish I told her to get it at Toronto's downtown market cuz it's always cheaper there.

But there are bigger things I'm waiting for to come. First is my UN result, so cold feet right now thinking about it. Second is my SMUP result, which will be announced on July 2. I'm not sure if I could pass the test because they will only admit 30 people for the medical faculty out of almost 1,000 applicants. Amazingly scary. But being optimistic is the only choice i think.

And for my friends out there good luck with the result too! And for some other friends (you know who you are) how about that Dufan thing? Are we going or not?!




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